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Prof. Noah D. Drezner

Prof. Noah D. Drezner

Visiting scholar

Noah D. Drezner (PhD University of Pennsylvania) is a Visiting Professor at the Institute for Law and Philanthropy (ILP) at the Buchman Faculty of Law and a scholar-in-residence at the Office of Resource Development and the Alumni Organization at Tel Aviv University (2023-2024). His main appointment is Professor of Higher Education and Principal Investigator of the Tzedakah Lab at Teachers College, Columbia University. Additionally, Noah is founding editor of Philanthropy & Education (Indiana University Press) author of over 55 manuscripts, including six books. 

He is internationally known as a leading researcher on educational philanthropy. His work focuses on philanthropy and fundraising in higher education with a particular attention to how a person’s social identities affect their giving to higher education and ways postsecondary institutions can engage their alumni in more inclusive ways. Noah is principal investigator of The National (US) Alumni Giving Experiment, that evaluates how a person’s social identities affect their propensity to donate and at what level when exposed to different types of fundraising solicitations.

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