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Adv. Michal Argaman-Ron

Adv. Michal Argaman-Ron

Researcher, Head of Policy Research Program

Michal graduated with a bachelor's degree in Law and Business Administration, and a master's degree in Law (International program in Public Law, Tel Aviv University & Northwestern University (Chicago)). She is currently studying for a master's degree in Literature at Tel Aviv University.

After a legal internship at the "Adam Teva and Din” association, Michal worked in a private firm ("Dafna Holtz-Lachner"). She was involved in administrative litigation on various issues, promoting legislative procedures and working with government and local authorities.

Michal then worked in two educational associations ("Mofet" and "Matzmichim"). She served in legal consulting and resource development roles while working with the non-profit sector and philanthropic foundations in Israel and around the world.

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