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Prof. Yoram Margalioth

Yoram was one of the founders of the Institute for Law and Philanthropy and It’s first Academic Director until 2019.

He is an expert on Tax, Tax Policy and Public Finance. Published over 60 papers, in top journals in Economics and in Law, on a wide range of issues, including: various topics in the optimal integration of tax and transfer (welfare) systems; Pension reform; Mandated benefits; Affirmative Action; Anti-Discrimination laws; Employee stock options; International tax policy as a vehicle for economic growth; Economic analysis of profiling comparing the use in the contexts of crime and of terror; Ethnic profiling at airports; Child benefits; Tips; Climate Change; Gambling; Optimal tax treatment of losses; Corporate Social Responsibility, Household Taxation, and many more.

Taught courses in Tax Policy, International Taxation and US Federal Income Taxation, at Harvard, NYU, Northwestern, Toronto, Monash, and Singapore law schools. Was among the first to teach over Coursera his class on Economic Growth and Distributive Justice.

Is reguarly selected annualy as one of the best 100 teachers at the university. Recieved in 2012 Tel Aviv Univesrity Rector’s Prize for Excellence in Teaching. In 2015 won the prestigious Zeltner prize for exclence in research.

See also profile on Faculty website.

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