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Anat Ramaty Shashua

Anat is an Israeli social entrepreneur and philanthropist. For over twenty years, she has been involved in the field of children, youth and young people at risk in Israel. Anat serves as the Chairwoman of the "Or Shalom" organization, she is the founder of the "House for Social Solidarity", the Chairwoman and founder of the Aharon Shandor organization for young people at risk, a partner in the Yated educational program and the president of the Shashua Family Philanthropic Foundation.

The Shashua Family Foundation is an Israeli philanthropic foundation established in order to reduce economic and social disparities in Israel. The foundation promotes new, dynamic philanthropic entrepreneurship adapted to society's needs and is involved in social organizations, among other things, with the aim of promoting and influencing relations between philanthropy and the state.

The main areas of activity are children, youth and young people at risk, technological education for peripheral populations and small businesses with an emphasis at the horizontal level on gender equality, assessment and measurement, innovation and technology.

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