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The Institute

for Law and Philanthropy

The Institute for Law and Philanthropy (ILP) is a research body established at Tel Aviv University Law School in October 2014. In line with TAU Law's commitment towards social justice, ILP’s mission is to help integrate philanthropy into Israel’s socioeconomic policy and support the country’s philanthropy in its quest to foster a more equitable and prosperous society.


The Institute operates in three predominant areas – research, education, and community outreach. Taking an international perspective, the Institute strives to develop research capacity, to foster creative knowledge exchange between academic and practice communities, and to disseminate the evidence base to inform policy and practice.



Central to our ethos is the fundamental value we place upon research. ILP, therefore, aims to further cultivate philanthropy in Israel by researching and disseminating critical scholarship in law, economics, political science, psychology, social work and sociology providing valuable insights that can contribute to the formulation of a robust policy for philanthropy.


ILP aims to provide students, lawyers, jurists and practitioners in philanthropy with the training and tools to assume their role as agents of social change and advocates of philanthropy.

Community Outreach

​Attentive to practitioners and other agents in the field, ILP hosts and attends a series of annual events, such as international conferences, roundtable forums and working-group discussions to create a platform for dialogue among the non-profit, philanthropic, business and government sectors.

Founders and Partners

Leading philanthropists in Israel collaborated with the Tel Aviv University Law School to establish The Institute for Law and Philanthropy. The Institute’s creation was led by Ms. Dafna Meitar-Nechmad and Ms. Edna Fast, Prof. Yoram Margalioth and Adv. Galia Feit, joined by Ms. Irith Rappaport, and Ms. Marcia Riklis.

Donor Steering Committee
& Executive Board
Former Partners

We thank Prof. Ron Harris, the former Dean of Law school and Prof. Nili Cohen, President of the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities for their partnership and long lasting support.

ILP is also grateful for the partnership and financial support of Ms. Marcia Riklis, Ms. Adina Shapiro, Mr. Allan Chanoch Barkat, Mr. Ed Peskowitz, and Pa’amei Tikva Foundation.

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