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Community Outreach


Research Forum “Philanthropy, Markets and Their Intersection״

Jointly with Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics, this research group offers philanthropy and NPO’s researchers from various disciplines and academic institutions in Israel a critical platform to present their work, exchange ideas, provide feedback and develop research collaborations.

2021 Research Forum Seminar                    


Philanthropy through the COVID-19 Crisis

ILP mobilized much of it’s resources at the first outbreak of the Pandemic to assist civil society infrastructure organizations (civic leadership) and philanthropy (Forum of Foundations, Committed to Give, JFN) in collecting and disseminating data and information, about the state of social organizations and their beneficiaries in the face of crisis. Data and information were disseminated to stakeholders and policy makers. For a review of various reports on the state of affairs of social organizations in the face of the crisis and spotlights on the situation of women, the elderly, refugees and asylum seekers and cultural institutions in Israel.


“KESHET” Donor Advised Fund

In 2016 ILP initiated, together with CTG and SHEETUFIM, a study and round table discussion regarding the need for supporting regulations for the development and growth of Foundations in Israel. One of the celebrated outcomes of this gathering was the establishment of the first Donor Advised Fund, by JFN – “KESHET”. ILP continues to lead and support the development and growth of “KESHET”.


Philanthropy-Government Relations

ILP advises the private foundations forum and government officials on their processes to enable more smoothly philanthropy and government collaborations, remove barriers, identify challenges, and develop best practices. This project focuses on ethical dilemmas in philanthropy-government collaborations.

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